You Can’t Have your Ice Cream and Eat it Too…

So…please don’t miss understand me in this post. I empathize for the family of suicide victims, and grieve over the loss that has happened because ultimately the personal loss of hopelessness. I have had friends commit suicide. Nor am I attempting to be a “hater” because I disagree with someone’s decision on their sexual behavior. One of my best assistants isn’t in the Army identified as homosexual. I disagreed with her personal decisions, we worked great as a ops team, and loved her as a person. I still would like to have coffee and catch up, but have probably been unfriended on Facebook. So my further comments are not meant to shadow the loss, but are theological in nature. The are actually for “Christians.” In this article, the mother states that God answered her prayer for a son in a different way, implying by giving her a daughter with gender dysphoria, meaning a transgendered son. My point is that God has expressed who he is in a limited way but the written word and the living word of the incarnation. The scripture and Jesus Christ express who he is. When we say God has said or done something and He hasn’t it is dangerous. It is libel if we say he has said something that he hasn’t. It is lying if we said he has done something and he hasn’t. You might say, “who are you to say that he didn’t?!” If everyone is right about their proclamation of personal revelation of God speaking or acting, we Christians have succumbed to spiritual theological relativism and pluralism. So all the God told me talk leads to spiritual insanity. Out conscience is not GOD. However, if the written word becomes alive by the power of the Holy Spirit, the words we speak about God will be parallel and synonymous with what God has revealed about himself. Ultimately when we speak things about God or attribute actions or words to him outside of Scripture we are guilty of blasphemy. Be careful Christian. Watch what comes out of your mouth about who God is and what he has said and done…Just a few thoughts.

Here is the link to the article…

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